Krakow 2011 Krakow 2011 Bombardier Flexity Classic, somewhere in Krakow I photographed this example from the elevated vantage point of my coach seat, during rush hour, hence the reflections of gridlocked traffic. 129163376 E1 tram + trailer in Pl. Wszystkich Swietych. Note the Franciscan Church in the background. 129163369 Bombardier NGT6 in Pl. Wszystkich Swietych This location is just a few metres walk to the south of the Main Market Square (Rynek Glowny), where the Cloth Hall, a beautiful Renaissance building can be seen. 129163370 Barbican and MAN GT6 Tram Note the circumference of the Barbican walls on the left. It is one of Cracow's few remaining medieval fortifications. 129163371 E1 tram & trailer heading East, along Basztowa 129163372 A procession of Konstal 105Ns, heading West along Basztowa 129163373 EU8N tram on Basztowa This tram is made up from Vienese E6 trams, with a centre section built by Autosan, using redundant C6 trailer parts. 129163374 Konstal Craving Krakow is the place to be, for watching Konstal 105Ns running in threesomes. 129163375 MAN GT6 passing under the railway bridge, over Lubicz Krakow's fleet of MAN GT6 trams was imported from Nuremburg, Germany. 129163377 E1 Tram + Trailer, heading West along Lubicz Krakow's fleet of Viennese E1 trams was has been imported since 2004. 129163378 EU8N tram, on Lubicz 129163379 Konstal 105N trams on Lubicz 129163380 Bombardier Flexity Classic near Rondo Mogilskie The tramstop just off the Mogilskie roundabout, is a major commuter hub, also frequented by tourists staying at the Hotel Chopin. 129163381 Mogilska Suburbia The tramway enthusiast could easily spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon strolling through the leafy suburbs along the Mogilska highway. This solitary tower block is a good landmark to assess your proximity to the Mogilskie roundabout. 129163368