Strasbourg 2017, 2012 & 2007 Strasbourg 2017, 2012 & 2007 Border Crossing Alstom Citadis #2024 at the Aristide Briande stop on line D. Note its destination across the border in Germany! Photographed on 24thApril 2017. 204115649 The SHADOK tram. I was rather shocked (but in a good way) when this colourful Alstom tram, #2018 turned up at Aristide Briande, making a welcome break from the smart but bland white and grey livery of Strasbourg's trams. (24/04/17) 204115650 Side profile of the SHADOK tram. This was the best I could do to get a taste of this striking livery which seems to be influenced by Nature. (24/04/17) 204115652 Auf Wiedersehen! The SHADOK tram, which commemorates a cultural and innovation project, continues on its journey to Kehl railway station, across the border. Photographed at Aristide Briande on 24th April 2017. 204115653 Bombardier Eurotram A rare manufacturing contribution from the UK on the Continental tram scene is the Eurotram design, originally built by Adtranz (ABB) at York and Derby. 165413056 Alstom Citadis Also to be seen on the streets of Strasbourg is the Alstom Citadis. 165413057 Alstom Citadis on a bridge crossing the Fosse du Faux Rampart This tram is running along Rue de Sebastopol . 165413058 Alstom Citadis crossing the Quai Kleber 165413059 Entrance to the tunnel for Place de la Gare 165413060 Alstom Citadis at Place de l'Homme de Fer 165413062 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Well, a British built tram leaving the futuristic canopy of Place de l'Homme de Fer says it all! 165413063 Alstom Citadis trams, with Place de 'Homme de Fer in the background. 165413064 Eurotram approaching Place de l'Homme de Fer. Place Kleber is just to the right of this location. 165413065 Alstom Citadis at the northern end of the Rue des Francs Bourgeois. A clearer look at some of the tramstop furnishings. 165413052 Place de la Republique, Sept. 2007 1/3 165413054 Avenue de la Marseillaise. Sept 2007 2/3 165413053 Place de la Republique. Sept 2007 3/3 I've included this picture to proove that not all Strasbourg trams run in plain grey/silver livery. 165413055