Cologne 2012 Cologne 2012 A Bombardier K4000 blends in with the trees at Neumarkt, a busy hub on Cologne's public transport network. This leafy square also helps conceal the overhead wires in an otherwise very cosmopolitan city. 170435020 A track maintenance tram passes through Neumarkt. Ever wished that you were just a few seconds ahead of yourself? Imagine my frustration when the second tram I see in Cologne is this little gem, and I can't get any closer because the Red Man is against me and my view blocked by commuters... 170435022 A works tram leaving Neumarkt 170435023 K4000 tram in Reissdorf Kolsch livery, at Neumarkt. My frustration with the works tram was forgotten upon the arrival of this tram, as this livery has been produced by Halling on one of its K4000 releases, and by Roco on a Duewag tram. Both examples are regulars running on Hasselhof(f). 170435025 K4000's entering Neumarkt from Cacilienstrasse. 170435026 K4000's departing Neumarkt. Note the pedestrian entance to the U-Bahn. 170435027 K4500 trams at Neumarkt The platform area is shared with bus services on the opposite side of the platform. 170435029 K4500 trams departing Neumarkt. 170435030 K4000 tram in Hahnenstrasse. 170435031 Cosmopolitan K4000 This K4000 calling at Neumarkt sports a livery for a furniture business. The billboard in the background also affirms that Cologne is truly a cosmopolitan city. 170435032 170435033 K4000 trams entering Neumarkt from Hahnenstrasse. 170435034 The "Cock Gate". The Hahnentorburg was built between 1235-1240 with restoration work carried out in 1890 by city architect Josef Stubben, with further reconstruction work carried out following damge during the Second World War. 170435035 A Royal Gate The Hahnentor was the most important of Cologne's original twelve gates. Following the coronation of a German king in Aachen, they would enter Cologne through this gate en route to the Cathedral to revere the Shrine of the Thee Magi. Today, "commoners" may bypass the Gate on tram across Rudolfplatz. 170435036 A colourful pairing of K4000's at the northern end of Mauritiussteinweg. 170435037 Another pair of K4000's turn out of Mauritiussteinweg onto Hahnenstrasse. The St. Aposteln Church can be seen in the background. 170435038 Tram 4052 turning out of Mauritiussweg into Hahnenstrasse. 170435039 K4000 tram in "Air Berlin" livery on Hahnenstrasse See next picture for a closer look at the tram to which 4052 is inappropriately coupled! 170435040 K4000 in "German Wings" livery at Neumarkt I can't imagine the boards of these two competing airlines being very happy over their sponsored tram being coupled to that of a competitor! 170435041 A pair of K4000's in the plain, but smart livery of Koelner Verkehrs-Betriebe. 170435042 K4000's on Pipinstrasse. 170435043 K4000's calling at Deutzer Freiheit station. This station is located on the east bank of the Rhine, just off the rail carrying Deutzer Brucke. Note the subtle cant of the track. 170435044 Elevated view of Deutzer Freiheit. This view was photographed from the footbridge. 170435045 Going Underground Having departed Deutzer Freiheit, the tram route effectively becomes an Underground / Metro as it descends towards a subway entrance. 170435046 170435019 170435047 170435049 170435048