Rome 2013 Rome 2013 Fiat I tram #9113, photographed 11/09/13 The Fiat type I trams were the first in Rome to sport the new two tone green livery, replacing the previous orange colour scheme. These five-section units have a 70% low floor area. 185766854 Fiat I tram #9120 Photographed 11th September 2013. 185766855 An unidentified Fiat II tram decending the incline which is Piazza del Colosseo. The Fiat type II trams improve on the type I design in that they have seven sections and a 100% low floor area. Photographed 11th September 2013. 185766856 Fiat II tram #9216 departing Flaminio Piazza del Popolo Note the northern gate of the Aurelian Walls in the background, which is the entrance to this neoclassical "People's Square", a former public execution site. Photographed 11th September 2013. 185766857 Fiat II tram #9222, heading South along Via Flaminia. 11/09/13 185766858 Fiat II tram #9222 approaching Flaminio Piazza del Popolo. 11/09/13 185766859 Socimi Low Floor Car #9027 entering Via Flaminia, from Via D A Azuni, 11/09/13 The Socimi trams have a somewhat chequered history, as the builder was only able to complete 27 out of an order for 60 trams, before it went into receivership. The receivers werea able to complete another six, whist another firm, Fiore, was able to complete another eight in 2002 - twelve years after the original contract! 185766860 Socimi Low Floor Car #9027 arriving at the Ministero Marina stop. 11/09/13 185766861 Socimi Low Floor Car #9013 at the Ministero Marina stop. The tow tone livery of ATAC looks at its best with a natural, green backdrop. Photographed 11th September 2013. 185766862 Fiat II #9248 heading North along Via Flaminia. 11/09/13 185766863 Fiat II #9223 en route to Flaminio Piazza del Popolo. 11/09/13 185766864 Socimi Low Floor Car #9013 outside the Vatican. #9013 graces the stop on the terminus loop of Piazza del Risorgimento on 12th September 2013. In the distance can be seen a portion of the walls of Vatican City. 185766865 Portrait Photograph of a Socimi Low Floor Car. Still studying #9013, at Piazza del Risorgimento on 12th September 2013. 185766866 Socimi #9013 departing Piazza del Risorgimento. The loop is only a single track, which trams circumnavigate in an anticlockwise direction. Photographed on 12th September 2013. 185766867 Socimi #9010 leaving Piazza del Risorgimento 12/09/13 185766868 Socimi #9008 entering Piazza del Risogimento 12/09/13 185766869