Blackpool 130, 2015 Blackpool 130, 2015 Progress Car 685 & Open Boat 227 The first of many snaps I took on this bright September day. 201182145 Relaunched into the Hertage Fleet Progress Cars 675+685 (with the latter leading) photographed at Pleasure Beach in the morning sunshine. 201182146 Outside The Odditorium Flexity 008 passing Ripley's Believe It Or Not 201182147 Ocean's One-Four-Seven Standard 147, at rest on the turning circle at Pleasure Beach. Having crossed the Atalntic Ocean twice, it is one of Blackpool's farthest travelled trams. 201182148 On the Buses-ish! Ballon 701 awaits the day's proceedings at Pleasure Beach. It sports a unique red and white livery based on that which was carried by a fleet of ex-London Routemasters which operated in Blackpool in the early 1990's. 201182149 Balloon 723 at Pleasure Beach Balloon 723's outings are quite rare these days on the modernised tramway. 201182150 Face-to-Face A profile shot of Ballons 701 and 723 at Pleasure Beach. 201182151 I'm the Ukulele Man Side Profile of Open Boat 230, GEORGE FORMBY OBE. Restored to 1970's livery, photographed at Pleasure Beach. 201182152 With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock Three-quarter angle shot of GEORGE FORMBY OBE. Photographed parked behind Balloon 723, at Pleasure Beach 201182153 Frontal Study of Open Boat 230, at Pleasure Beach Complete with a photographic board of George Formby OBE with his Ukulele on the trolleypole gantry tower. 201182154 Centenary Car 641 on static display at Pleaure Beach Centenary Car 641 is owned by Fleetwood Leisure Heritage Trust 201182245 It takes two to Tango... A front view of 641, featuring two local football heroes who share the same Christian name. 201182244 Tangerine Dream 641 finished its operational days in a plain orange livery, and has since been redecorated to celebrate Blackpool's football history. 201182100 Offside! The waterside of 641 incorporates displays showing the links between Blackpool FC and the trams. 201182243 Life is a Rollercoaster Open Boat 227 passes the Big One rollercoaster. 201182246 Flexity 012 at Pleasure Beach. 201182048 Waiting For The Train That Never Comes Not everything went according to plan on Sunday morning as the Western Train took the points entering the Pleasure Beach loop too slowly and consequently got stuck. A fellow enthusiast informed me that it was a newly qualified driver, who having "wrestled" with the controls to rock the tram back and forth, managed to free it, much to the bemusement of a small army of enthusiasts! 201182049 Flexity2 008 at Pleasure Beach Flexity2 008, which was held up by the Western Train that had got stuck on the points. 201182050 Seeing Double Progress Twin Cars 272 + T2 (the latter leading) approach the turning circle at Pleasure Beach, with Flexity2 002 on the left. 201182051 Progess Twin Cars entering the truning circle at Pleasure Beach The Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark is just behind the twins, which look resplendant in their original livery. 201182052 A Pilgrim's Progress He who would validated be, presents a ticket to get there faster.... (Yes my trips to Blackpool and Fleetwood are something of an annual pilgramage, and yes, the caption above is based on a hymm!) 201182053 201182054 201182055 201182056 201182057 201182058 201182059 201182060 201182061 A Tall Order Standard 147 spent over thirty years at Trolleyville, a private line at Olmstead Falls in Cleveland, Ohio, where it was too tall for the overhead wires, forcing most of its time there to be spent out of service. It returned to Blackpool in 2000. 201182062 201182063 201182064 201182065 201182066 201182067 201182068 201182069 Rigby Road Depot Scene Progess Twin Cars 676+686 in store at Rigby Road depot., alongside Rocket 732 "TRAMNIK ONE", which is also awaiting restoration. Note the passenger saloon which is set at a 45 degree angle, as if The Rocket is ready for takeoff. 201182070 201182071 201182072 201182073 Little Nippers 201182074 201182075 201182076 201182077 201182078 201182079 Flexity2 002 approaching Blackpool Tower With the Coral Island amusement arcade on the right. 201182080 Balloon 701 by Coral Island Note Flexity2 002 at the foot of Blackpool Tower in the background. 201182081 201182082 Bottom of the Pyl-on Centenary Car 642 approaching the base of Blackpool Tower, with Harry Ramsden's World Famous Fish & Chips in the background. 201182083 201182084 201182085 201182086 201182087 Count Your Blessings and Smile Open Boat 230, near the Comedy Carpet. 201182088 Turned Out Nice Again 201182089 201182090 Swimmin' With The Wimmin' 201182091 It's in the Air 201182092 201182093 201182094 201182095 I'm Luff-in It! Balloon 717 is named WALTER LUFF, the General Manager whose Modernisation Plan in the 1930's saw the introduction of 116 brand new trams of various types. It is photographed here at Waterloo Road (near the Mcdonald's restaurant) with the South Pier and Pleasure Beach visible in the distance. 201182096 Finally Facing My Waterloo Balloon 717 at Waterloo Road, with Blackpool Tower in the background. 201182097 201182253 201182254 201182255 Open Boat 227 at Pleasure Beach 201182098 Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad Box Car 40 Built in 1914 by the United Electric Car Co. of Preston, this historic tram is photographed here at Pleasure Beach. 201182099 201182101 201182102 201182103 Centenary 642 at Pleaure Beach 201182104 Centenary 642 with Balloon 700 at Pleasure Beach 201182105 In My Little Snapshot Album Open Boat 230 in the turning circle at Pleasure Beach. 201182106 Flexity 012 heading north through Pleaure Beach 201182107 201182108 Let's Go Round Again Balloon 723 trundles past the Western Train at the Pleasure Beach turning circle in readiness for another round trip. 201182109 Three-Quarter Angle Shot of Balloon 723 Looking a bit worse for wear in the September sunshine, but a welcome appearance nevertheless. 201182110 201182111 201182112 201182113 Brush Railcoach 631 and Balloon 601 at Pleasure Beach The Brush cars earned their official "Railcoach" designation due to their luxurious interior fittings and sliding sunroofs, which were comparable to the luxury motor coaches of the 1930's. 201182114