Milan 2017 Milan 2017 A Series 4900 Tram by OM Stanga. No. 4984 is one of a batch of trams constructed by OM Stanga in the mid Seventies and is known as a "JumboTram". It was photographed on Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale, which runs along the southern tip of a burial ground, famed for its funerary sculpture. 204220240 A Fiat Series 4900 Tram. As well as OM Stanga's JumboTtrams, Fiat Ferrovaria was also responsible for half of the production run of Series 4900 trams. 204220241 A Series 4700 Tram Photographed in the vicinity of The Galleria is no. 4720 is one of a batch of trams constructed by OM Stanga. 204220242 No. 4720 at Piazza Cordusio This commerical square at the heart of Milan is named after the Cors Ducis - the Ducal Court which was found in the square during Longobard (Lombard) Times. The statue in the midgound is of Giuseppe Parini, an Italian literary figure. 204220243 A Series 7600 Tram This Ansaldobreda Sirio constructed tram was designed by Pininfarina, known for their work with Ferrari, and to a lesser extent (but of greater relevance to this website) for their design contribution to Breda's Light Rail Vehicles for the San Francisco Muni. 204220244 A Series 4600 Tram No. 4611 is one of a batch of just thirteen trams made in 1955 by OM Stanga. How lucky was Mr. Essex in "copping" this one? 204220245 At The Theatre No. 1582 passes the famous La Scala Theatre, which is also home to an Opera museum. The Series 1500 trams are effectively an urban signature of Milan and were constructed by several Italian companies, based on the Peter Witt streetcars made in Cleveland, USA. 204220247 Getting a Pizza The Action Stablemate no. 1893, as seen on Via Santa Margherita. 204220248 Keep your Witts About You! The back end of no. 1893, photographed passing the Cafe Trussardi on Via Santa Margherita. All Milan Peter Witts were originally fitted out with a trolleypole, but these have been long since replaced by a pantograph. 204220249 The Tangled Web On no. 1881, a popular Marvel character is used to advertise mobile phone internet services through the act of web spinning.... I wonder if the Café Trussardi offers WiFi connectivity? 204220250 Bags of Appeal At first glance, this tram would appear to be promoting an initiative to cut down on plastic bag wastage, which seems to be in vogue everywhere these days! In actual fact, it is advertising a colourful range of designer handbags... 204220251