Nuremburg 2017 Nuremburg 2017 ADtranz #1126 outside the Deutche Post offices. Photographed next door to the Hauptbahnhof from the (disad)vantage point of the tour bus window, hence the low resolution of the image. 204415448 Muppet Baby Just occasionally when out and about with my camera, I see something bizarre, or just plain stupid... In this case, a small child has been placed on the shelf at the trailer end of of ADtranz #1119. This photograph was taken through the tour bus window, hence the presence of reflections. 204415449 Blot on the Landscape It seemed like a good idea at the time, to photograph ADtranz #1105 at the Hallertor stop, with this modern sculpture in the foreground. In the distant left is the guard tower of the Kettensteg, a chain bridge over the River Pegnitz. 204415452 ADtranz #1105 ascending Neutorgraben #1105 sports a most appropriate advertisement scheme for a tramway heritage attraction. 204415450 ADtranz #1125 descending Neutorgraben 204415454 Variobahn #1207 departing Tiergartnertor Rather appropriately for this area, #1207 is in an allo over advertising livery for the local zoo. 204415455 Variobahn #1207 descending Neutorgraben 204415453 ADtranz #1114 arriving at Tiergartnertor Just on the horizon is the Fernsehturm, Bavaria's tallest structure. The TV Tower is also known as the Egg of Nuremberg owing to its egg shaped tower basket! 204415451