Naples 2020 Naples 2020 In spite of tram services resuming in early 2020 after a three year suspension due to roadworks, AnsaldoBreda Sirio #1111 is looking a little rugged, judging by the faded fleet number and cracked front panel, as it approaches the Garibaldi - Umberto I transit stop on 16th September 2020. 206336755 An AnsaldoBreda F19 trolleybus running off the wires stops to collect passengers at the Garibaldi - Umberto I transit stop on 12th September 2020. 206336752 AnsaldoBreda Sirio #1118 crossing Piazza Mancini on 16th September 2020, under the watchful gaze of the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general, patriot and republican (1807 - 1882). 206336756 AnsaldoBreda Sirio tram #1112 photographed in an advertising livery on Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi,14th September 2020. 206336747 AnsaldoBreda Sirio tram #1116 passing through the Marina - Torre Aragonese stop on Via Nuovo Marina on 14th September 2020. Just peeping out from behind the electronic information board, on the horizon, is the monastery of Certosa di San Martino. 206336749 AnsaldoBreda Sirio tram #1121 on final approach towards Colombo - Porto terminus, as seen on 14th September 2020. 206336750 AnsaldoBreda Sirio tram #1121 departing the Colombo - Porto terminus on 14th September 2020.Of interest in the background is Castel Nuovo, also known as the Keep of the Angevin Kings. Its towers are coated with piperno - a very hard material made from volcanic lava ash mixed with stone and seawater. 206336748 Carry On Columbus A three-quarter angle shot of #1111 at Colombo - Porto terminus, the tracks ahead initially following Via Cristoforo Colombo, photographed on 16th September 2020. 206336757 This side profile study shows the extent to which #1111 might be in need of a refurbishment. The horizontal blue line between the roof and windows is badly faded, and I suspect that a cover might be missing off that right hand bogie! In spite of this, the ride quality on my short journey was smooth, and my partner and I felt quite safe inside in spite of the pandemic. Passenger numbers were quite low and no seats were marked as out of use for "social distancing". Naturally, the wearing of a face covering is a legal requirement on public transport, as demonstrated by the lady walking by on the right. (16/09/20) 206336758 For local destinations beyond the reach of the trams, such as the tourist destinations of Sorrento, Pompeii and Herculaneum, a trip on the Circumvesuviana train is a no-thrills option. Much of the rolling stock has been vandalised by graffiti artists, such as this FE220 set as seen at Ercolano Scavi on 13th September 2020. 206336751 There are two types of FE220 train on the Cirumvesuviana line, and this shot taken at Ercolano Scavi, the contrast between the raked and flat-ended cabs can be seen. The trains are not air conditioned, and commuters are effectively packed like sardines thanks to every other seat being taped off to encourage "social distancing" during the Coronavirus pandemic! 13/09/20 206336754 The FE220 train formation departs from Ercolano Scavi for its onward journey to Sorrento. As the name suggests, this is the stop which serves the archaeological site of Herculaneum and the active volcano Mount Vesuvius. An onward bus journey is required to visit the latter. 13/09/20 206336753