Nottingham 2021 Nottingham 2021 Citadis tram #230 heading southwest along Southchurch Drive. 206747398 Citadis trams #235 & 217 at Nottingham Station, which is on the upper level of the mainline railway station. 206747399 Bombardier Incentro tram #211 at Holy Trinity stop. 206747400 Citadis tram #221 at Nottingham Station. 206747401 Bombardier Incentro tram #211 at Clifton Centre. Photographed heading northeast along Southchurch Drive. 206747402 Citadis tram #234 "George Africanus" twists and turns through the Old Market Square. Note the Town Hall of Nottingham City Council in the background. 206747403 Bombardier Incentro and Citadis trams passing through the Old Market Square. In spite of the overall pleasant surroundings of this popular local meeting point, the abandoned Debenhams department store is a reminder of the hard times which accompanied the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic. 206747404 206747405 206747406 206747407 206747408 206747409 206747410 206747411 206747412 206747413 206747414 206747415 206747416 Citadis #223 at Lace Market tram stop. Citadis #223 "Colin Slater MBE" calling at the Lace Market tram stop on Fletcher Gate, with the Hotel Ibis behind. 206747417 Sink or Swim Citadis #231 "Rebecca Adlington OBE" descends towards street level, passing over Crocus Street, on the South side of Nottingham Railway Station. 206747418 Citadis #231 entering Meadows Way "Rebecca Adlington OBE" crosses Arkwright Street into Meadows Way as the route switches from reserved track to street running. 206747419