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An Insider's Guide to "Hasselhof(f)", "Yellowthreads Treat" & "California Dreamland"

A teaser for California Dreamland

It's been a long time coming, but I am now in a position to present a first look at my new layout - "California Dreamland". It is essentially a working diorama featuring the heritage streetcars which run on the F Line in San Francisco, plus the Bay City's world famous cable cars.

Another teaser for California Dreamland

This view depicts the far left of the layout, where we are offered a glimpse of the cable car lines in the foreground. The two Queen Anne style Victorian houses were lucky finds on a well-known online auction site, and were originally novelty planters, which have had the inherent gaping big holes in their roofs covered with surplus roof tile sheets from a Metcalfe kit. At this stage, there is still much detailing work to be done. The Bowser PCC streetcar in the background is #1062 depicting Louisville.

Third Teaser for California Dreamland

This photograph features an important scenic addition made in early 2019 - i.e., streetcar stop access ramps, albeit simplified versions of the ones along The Embarcadero.

My compressed version of The Embarcadero

This view demonstrates the extent to which I have had to compress the width of The Embarcadero, most notably by limiting road traffic to just one lane in each direction. The streetcars glide back and forth along their reserved track, which has been recreated using elements from Recreation 21's 3D track inserts for dockyard tramways.

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